Educo Silliguri English School, West Bengal

Leader: Fr Sebastian Martis
Principal: TBC
Partner: Chakra Society
Start: 2019
Pupils: 500

In 2019, Educo plans to build phase 1 of this school.
Educo has partnered with the Chakra Charitable Society to manage the school. This area has a diverse population with Tribal, Nepalese, Rabhas, Islamic, Rajwanshi, Bengalis, Bhirais and Marwaris living in the area.

Like all Educo schools, Silliguri will be non-denominational with children from all backgrounds welcome. This school is closer to the city that has a population of 513,264 – so uptake in enrolment is expected to be strong. We already have plans to build an additional floor to this school in 2020.