St. Thomas' school educo

Educo St. Thomas’ school

Leader: Fr Sebastian Martis
Principal: Noor Mohammod
Partner: Chakra Society
Started: March 2018
Pupils: 180

Like with St. Conleths, Educo has fully funded the building of phase 1 of this project. It is located in tea gardens 20km from St. Conleths, We have partnered with the Chakra Charitable Society to manage the school.

Only 15% of elegible children in this area are enrolled in any school. This school opened its doors in March 2018 and student enrolments are increasing weekly.

Most children attending this school are from the refugee Nepali community. In 2020, Educo plans to build phase 2 of this project, which will increase the school’s capacity to 400 students.