Educo Washabari English School, West Bengal

Leader: Fr Sebastian Martis
Principal: TBC
Partner: Chakra Society
Start: 2019
Pupils: 500

In 2019, Educo plans to build phase 1 of this school. Educo has partnered with David Lewis in Ireland who along with friends and family is raising funds for this project. In India, Educo has partnered with the Chakra Charitable Society to manage the school.

The school will be surrounded by 5 tea estates and 4 villages with 20,000 families living in close proximity to the school. Many of the population are Nepalese refugees.

St. Conleth's school educo2
St. Conleth's school educo2
St. Conleth's school educo2

Sebastian Martis – Head of Chakra Society

David Lewis – Project Leader, Ireland

The site where this school will be built